We are going to cover the topic my ultimate joy as a human. If you just try to understand all the facet of the human one thing is very concrete in every living being whether it’s a male or a female absolute healthy or absolutely cripple, absolutely in authority or absolutely very young and innocent who doesn’t know and he knows all, that facet of human is very strong facet. Child for example doesn’t know anything can’t do anything but if one child can disturb the entire surrounding and shall see through that it happens what the child wants to happen three strong egos on the planet, one what you call it the children we call it baalhut, baalhut is the ego of the child, there is no way to get through it. Then it is tiryahut, the ego of the woman, there is no way to get through that too and then there is a rajhut, the ego of the king and there is no way to get through it. All three causes nothing but death and it’s a universal law. Now how you can get out of it? You can get out of it only through innocence. But the greatest power within the man a living man is not to die, you may say that you want to die, you may say you don’t care I agree with you I mean to say I talk like you, you talk like me way, but still you don’t want to die. And when you want to die that is the state of time when you cannot die. Like Guru Nanak he took a sheet over and wanted to die, is he dead? No, he cannot. Whenever a person will reach a state of consciousness with death will not mean to him anything in truth, I mean to say it’s a true experience with the individual death does not mean to him anything that person cannot die he or she has already reached that state of consciousness. There are powers, a politician is very powerful, say President of America was very powerful when he was in office, as individual no. President of America now is very powerful so long he is in chair a politician is powerful so long he is in chair. Individual is powerful so long he is in the body you follow, but a saint is powerful when he is beyond his body.

You will be surprised all saints are more worshipped after their death when they otherwise are alive you check it out. You go through the history of any man of God within their life there are four things which must happen, they must be slandered they must be opposed they must be slandered they must be opposed they must be plotted against and many may die defending them. If these four things will not start with a man, man is not doing anything. Sometime in human life you feel death has something do to with something actually death has to do nothing, death is nothing but a relief, death is nothing but a conscious relief, when the body becomes totally weird and it cannot sustain its own function and it becomes irreparable, people beg for death and if it doesn’t come they pray for it. And when their prayer are not answered then their relatives go out to friend and holy men, please pray for the death for such and such. And it is true, I remember once I visited Amritsar from Delhi I was working there and somebody knew I am in the town and those people caught me while in Amritsar in golden temple, they were my old friends.

They say, well yogi baba we are glad you are in Amritsar we are going to go to Delhi for you.

I said, «What?»

She said, «But well you know our aunt she is terribly sick and she is not dying could you play, please pray for her now you are in the temple and we know you have something going on with Guru Ram Das

(Student’s laughter)

I said, «But you live in Amritsar man why don’t you pray?»

They said, «Well you know there is something we definitely want you to pray.»

I said, «What was wrong with her?»

She said, «Well, she is hundred twenty year old and she even now cannot take her turn and we do not know what is going on but it’s a just a skeleton we can take her direct to hospital and hang her with a hook, that’s all she is but she is not dying, she breathes.»

So sometime you have a fear, you have a fear of commitment, you have fear of commitment to life that is why you are afraid of death. Fear of death is not death itself, understand in the science of hymnology, learn it as a science, you are not afraid of death you are afraid of death because you have not committed to life and you know without commitment to life you will never enjoy life because you have never enjoyed life why should you die, you don’t want to die. If you know what is life if you have eaten a meal you don’t want to eat anything, even somebody becomes you know what they call it? Cheese pie?

Student: (….)

YB: Cheesecake, cheese pie and you have really eaten, really eaten, you say oh God fantastic but little bit, you can’t ask for full share. Because there is no room. Once you have lived you have no fear, death doesn’t mean anything to you, one who lives he lives forever. Otherwise one is dead anyway, shuffling of body here and shuffling of body there doesn’t my friend mean anything, statues do not make human. And most of us and almost most of us are statue. They are here because of emotions they are there because of emotions, they are there because of emotions, they don’t have their own motion they have no movement of their own. They have no commitment of their own because they don’t have their life of own, they do not even understand in relative consequences of only comparative understanding and statement that the infinite gave them the life and they belonged to infinite. They are still worried about the finite little territories around for one reason or the other. What will happen to me? What happened to you when you were in the womb of the mother, why didn’t you ask that question then? What happened to you when you never knew how to change a diaper? Who covered you when you were on this planet bare naked? How the food was provided to you when you never had any single teeth? Was that was not this? Were you not that? And whatever you were are you not this? Why didn’t you worry then and why you worry now? You didn’t worry then because you had no way to know your ego and now you worry because you have a tremendous ego, then nature took care of you through its own sentiments and now you are unable to take care of your own sentiments. Something which made you spiritual, something which guides you to the truth, something which made you a living being, something which gave you a new hope, something which draw for you a ray of light to lead, your ego does not want to subject itself. Finally like a dry wood you will only wait to get burnt. No juice will be left but still that innocence which was your beauty, which was your gift, which was real you, you are unable to attain, you are unable to achieve. If ever a truth has been spoken you read the bible there is a one sentence to go unto God one has to be innocent like a child. And same said Guru Nanak, we are thy children O lord we do not know lot all we know is that we can call on you for your kindness, help us to be unto thee, says Nanak I am still thy simple child.

Out of us grows the spirit, that spirit it meant to be shared, that spirit is meant to be to be, that spirit is meant to tell all and around that I am grateful I am beautiful, I am serviceful, I am full, can I give you something, can I do for you something? That spirit is not meant to tell others I am I am get out of here. It was not given to you for that, the second facet was that you were given this spirit so that you could come out of your depression. Thirdly you were given this spirit so that you can change your patterns, you went through one way you found the dead end, you went back now you can change the pattern you need the spirit to do it. You need the courage what is the courage? Courage is the ultimate support of the soul of the being. And isn’t the life that matters it is the spirit, it is the courage you bring to it, if a soul of the person supports him then he plays with death as a player plays with chess. And when a person knows his spirit only then he can commit. Will you do it? Yes. It is difficult, who cares. You won’t do it? He says you can’t say that, I’ll do it or I’ll die while doing it.

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